A Billing Boats Roar Ege Viking Ship Model

Recently, some photos were posted in the builder’s gallery of the Nautical Research Guild’s Model Ship World forum. The model caught our attention as it was a perfectly done model built from Billing Boats’ Roar Ege Viking Ship kit.

Roar Ege model by Jens Kronvold Frederiksen

The model was built by Jens Kronvold Frederiksen, who goes by his screen name kronvold on Model Ship World. If you look closely at the photos, this is a perfect example of how it’s done, though Jens may humbly disagree.

Of course, each person adds his or her own style to a build, but this is a very clean build, and it shows off the details of the model really well.

We hope this provides some inspiration to our readers. We couldn’t help but post a lot of photos of this model, but there are more in Jens’s album on MSW. They are also higher resolution than we typically post here, so you might want to check them out: https://modelshipworld.com/gallery/album/2288-roar-ege-billing-boats/

If you have any interest in building this model yourself, it is in stock at Ages of Sail and selling for $132. Check it out here: https://www.agesofsail.com/ecommerce/roar-ege-viking-ship—billing-boats-bb703.html

Ages of Sail


New version of the big Andrea Gail Kit now in stock!

The Big 1/30-scale Andrea Gail kit from Billing Boats is back in stock at Ages of Sail, but it’s changed. This is a whole new version!

The Andrea Gail is the American fishing boat made famous by the film “The Perfect Storm”. This kit now features a wooden hull, using wooden planking and laser-cut framing, and measures about 28″ long. It is designed for either static display or RC operation and lists for $329.99. Check it out now at Ages of Sail: https://www.agesofsail.com/ecommerce/andrea-gail-(1:30,-billing-boats).html

Make sure to take advantage of our Black Friday sale this weekend to get this kit for 10% off!

Another Billing Boats Dana Build

While we’ve been following a blog on the building of the Billing Boats Dana model kit, we found some photos of a very nicely completed build on the Ships of Scale forum. Take a look at how this ship modeler built and detailed his kit.

He even added belaying pin racks at the main mast shrouds, made his own boom and gaff jaws and parrals, and even added what looks like some fishing gear tied to the port side rail. It also looks like he used some third party blocks on his rigging.

See more photos at http://shipsofscale.com/gallery/hskogstjarna/dana/index.html


Billing Boats Shipment Just In

For all you fans of kits from Denmark, we just got a big shipment of kits and fittings from Billing Boats. Back in stock are the Dragen and the St. Roch, as well as some fittings we were out of.

St. Roch, Billing Boats kit BB605

St. Roch was building for Arctic service and was the first ship to traverse the Arctic Passage from the Pacific to the Atlantic. She later became the first ship to traverse the Passage in both directions.

This Billing Boats kit is from their 600-series, which is designed to be easy to build, with a hull that is made in two halves. Each half is easily constructed and the two halves are merged together form the completed hull.

You can read more about the kit on our website: https://www.agesofsail.com/ecommerce/bb605-billing-boats-st-roch.html


Dragen Sailboat – Billing Boats kit BB582

The Dragen is a Swedish sailing boat and Billing Boats makes this lovely kit in 1/12 scale. The 29″ long model is just over 39″ high, making for a beautifully big display model. This plank-on-bulkhead kit is designed for Experience ship modelers only. You should not attempt the build unless you’ve built a few wooden model kits.

You can find the kit on our website at: https://www.agesofsail.com/ecommerce/billing-boats-dragen-racing-sailboat-bb582.html


New Colin Archer Kit from Billing Boats Available Now

Several years ago, Billing Boats’ popular 1:15-scale kit of the salvage ship Colin Archer was discontinued. The kit was very big, at about 50″ long, and featured an ABS plastic hull and was suitable for RC operation.

New, BB728 Colin Archer wooden hulled, expert level ship model kit.

Billing Boats has just released a new version of the Colin Archer kit at the same 1:15 scale. But, now, the kit features a wooden plank-on-bulkhead construction hull. The size, construction, and detail have earned this kit an EXPERT level rating. So, make sure you’re ready to take on a kit of this difficulty level before starting your build.

Ages of Sail and our sister site Billing Boats USA now have this kit available. It is one of Billing Boats largest, and lists for $789.95. But, if you’ve been following this blog or our Facebook posts, you’ll know that we currently have a Black Friday Sale that will continue up through midnight tonight. So, you can get this kit now from Ages of Sail, and save $79 by phoning in your order. Your order will also qualify for free shipping as part of our Black Friday special.

Now’s the time to get your big Colin Archer kit!

Call 510-889-6000

If you are only able to reach our operators, just leave your name and number and tell them you want to place an order. We’ll call you back and will honor the special sale pricing.

Thanksgiving Special at Ages of Sail

Thanksgiving is Just Around the Corner

Save $50 on these two Classic Mayflower Kits

To celebrate our early settlers, we’re offering special limited time pricing on selected Mayflower kits. Save $50 on either the large Amati Mayflower kit or the Billing Boats Mayflower kit (both above). That’s more than 15% off these beautiful American heritage kits.

Both kits are the same 1/60 scale and are about 25.5″ long. Both feature plank-on-bulkhead construction with major parts laser-cut. The Billing boats kit features single-planking with obechi wood, with fittings in wood, metal and plastic. Amati’s kit is double-planked, with an outer layer of  fine hardwoods, and includes fittings of metal and wood.

A closer look at the Amati kit 

Choose the kit that suits you best. But hurry. Prices are only good from now through November 30th, 2017. To get your’s, simply visit us at www.agesofsail.com or click one of the links below. No special codes needed to qualify for these prices.

Amati Mayflower – regular $299, now $249 through 11/30/17

Billing Boats Mayflower – regular $286, now $236 through 11/30/17

If one of those kits don’t quite suit your need for the ship of the pilgrims, there are four other Mayflower kits you might look into, including the new 1st Step Mayflower kit from Amati.

Check them out at Ages of Sail.

*Note: Mamoli kits are in limited supply after a factory fire shut them down. Missing or broken parts can not be replaced at this time.

Two Billing Boats kits just added, Frigate Jylland and HMS Warrior

We’ve carried Billing Boats kits for quite a while, but we’re working now to expand our retail selection of these kits. There will be more Billing Boats kits forthcoming, including a couple fairly recent releases. But, for now, here are two classic warships from the transitionary period between sail and steam, the Danish frigate Jylland and the British iron-hulled warship HMS Warrior.

Both of the original ships are still in existence  and represent the last ships of their kind. They are available for public access, so you can still walk the decks of these beautiful vessels. And, if you can’t get to them, there should be plenty of photos on the Internet to help you make the most accurate build possible.

In fact, here are a couple photos we found on the web…

HMS Warrior

Frigate Jylland

Both Billing Boats kits are “Expert” level models, so we don’t recommend you attempt them without a fair amount of experience. The kits feature plank-on-bulkhead construction and include laser-cut frames. Many major parts are also laser cut. Fittings provided included wooden blocks, and fittings in brass, wood or plastic fittings.


The Frigate Jylland, BB5003

The frigate ‘Jylland’ was the last warship of the Danish Royal Navy built of oak. It was launched on 20 January 1860. ‘Jylland’ was also the first steam-powered, screwdriven ship and at an engine out-put of 400 hp was able to reach the then impressive speed of 12 knots. A noteworthy feature that should be mentioned is that the screw could be raised up into a ‘screw- well’ so that it did not slow the ship down under sail. On 9th May 1864 ‘Jylland’ fought in the Battle of Heligoland against a fleet of Austrian and Prussian ships. King Christian IX used the ship on various visits to Iceland and Russia. The 2450-ton ‘Jylland’ had a hull lenght of 71m (96m overall) and a beam of 13,5m. The ship had a crew of between 405 and 437 men, depending on the ship´s duties, and carried 44 muzzle-loaded cannons. In 1960 ‘Jylland’ was towed by tugs from the naval base in Copenhagen to Ebeltoft. On 11 August 1984 it made its last voyage – into a new exhibition dock. After several years of restoration work, Frigate ‘Jylland’ was opened to the public. For those with an interest in ships and life at sea, this 130-year-old ship is certainly worth visiting.

The completed model measures 39.8″ in length and 24.8″ in height and sells regularly for $599. To celebrate the addition of this model, we’re taking 10% off, now through September 1st. We only have 5 of these kits available at the time of this writing, so act fast if you want to get one, especially at this price.


HMS Warrior, BB512

The Warrior was designed and built in response to an aggressive French shipbuilding program which saw the introduction of the first iron-clad warship La Gloire. The Royal Navy was determined to meet this challenge of supremacy and build a ship so superior in terms of quality, speed, size, armament and armour that it would be inconceivable to France that she could take Britain on in a sea battle. August 1, 1861, The Warrior was the largest warship in the world, at 9,210 tons displacement, she was fully 60% larger than the La Gloire. June 1862 she started active service in the Channel Squadron. In 1871 she was no longer the crack ship she had once been, and was downgraded to Coast Guard and reserve services. The Warrior was eventually converted to a floating school for the Navy and re-named Vernon III in 1904. By 1978, she was the only surviving example of the ‘Black Battlefleet’, the 45 iron hulls built for the Royal Navy between 1861 and 1877.

This is a BIG model! The completed model measures 57.9″ in length and 26.5″ in height and sells regularly for $755.95. Again, to celebrate the addition of this model, we’re offering the kit at 10% off, now through September 1st. We only have 13 of these kits in our warehouse, so we don’t expect to run out anytime soon. But, if you want to take advantage of the special pricing, make sure to act by September 1st!

Click the links below to check out the kits now at Ages of Sail:


New Windjammer Kits Exclusive

Ages of Sail has received a shipment of three remaining  Windjammer series kits that were originally produced in 2009-2011 as a combined venture between Billing Boats USA (now part of Ages of Sail) and Billing Boats Denmark. The kits include: the Monterey Fishing Boat, the Hoga Harbor Tug and the Vikingship Nordlandsbåden. These are in stock and ready to ship.


Monterey Fishing Boat

Billing Boats Monterey Fishing Boat

The RC capable Monterey Fishing Boat is back. This 1:20-scale model measures just 19.3″ long and 5.7″ high. The prop and propeller shaft are designed for RC operation. The original Montereys were once a common sight in San Francsico where they were built as an adaptation of the Italian felucca.


Harbor Tug Hoga (YT-146)

Billing Boats Harbor Tug Hoga

The Hoga is another returning kit from Billing Boats.  She was a United States Navy Woban-class district harbor tug named after the Sioux Indian word for “fish.” After World War II, the tug was known as Port of Oakland and then City of Oakland when she was a fireboat in that city.

Launched in 1940, she was assigned to duty at Pearl Harbor. When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, she fought for 48 hours without a break, putting out fires, towing damaged warships and rescuing seamen.

The kit is a 1:50-scale model of this distinguished vessel measuring 24.4″ long and 12.2″ high.

Nordlandsbåden Vikingship

Billing Boats Nordlandsbåder

Nordlandsbåden is a type of Vikingship from Northern Norway, and dates from the 17th Century. As a fishing boat it saw its most popular days from the 18th Century until the appearance of engine-driven fishing boats.

These boats were extremely efficient and seaworthy. They represent a shipping culture and form which originates from the days of the Vikings. The boats are still built today, and they compete in races and regattas along the Northern coasts.

The Nordlandsbåden kit is 1:20-scale, measures 28″ long and 28″ high.

Check out these and other Billing Boats kits at Ages of Sail.







Oseberg Kits from Billing Boats are In Stock!

After trying to get these kits back in stock for months, we’ve finally gotten a nice shipment of 23 Oseberg kit in from Billing Boats. These have been really difficult to get, but we got ’em just this week. Get yours now, while they last!


You can order yours through either Ages of Sail or our Billing Boats USA site or by calling us directly at (510) 889-6000.

Billing Boats Paints now at Ages of Sail

If you’re looking for paints for your next model project, we’ve added Billing Boats paints to our website.


These are oil based paints in 1/2 ounce (14.7ml) jars in authentic Billing Boat marine colors. Great for all hobby and craft projects. Shake well. Hand-brush with natural bristle brushes for best results. When brushing, thin sparingly with BB #40 Thinner/Cleaner or acetone. For airbrushing, thin up to 20% with BB #40 Thinner/Cleaner or acetone and shake well. Clean tool immediately after use. For painting on soft wood, use BB #39 Primer/Base Coat for more even gloss.


Available Colors:

BB#01 White
BB#02 Duck Egg Blue
BB#03 Emerald
BB#04 Orange
BB#05 Tan
BB#06 Hull Red
BB#07 Sea Blue
BB#08 Brunswick Green
BB#09 Bright Red
BB#10 Matte Lemon (Flat)
BB#11 Black
BB#12 Pale Grey
BB#13 Trainer Yellow
BB#14 Matte White (Flat)
BB#15 Silver
BB#16 Gold
BB#17 Clear Gloss Coat
BB#18 Mediterranean Blue
BB#19 Matte Aircraft Blue (Flat)
BB#20 Satin Brown
BB#21 Crimson
BB#22 Matte Black (Flat)
BB#23 Copper
BB#30 Dark Ad Gray
BB#32 Lime
BB#33 Matte Mid Green (Flat)
BB#35 Signal Red
BB#36 Mahogany Stain
BB#37 Navy Cool Gray
BB#38 Cobalt Blue
BB#39 Primer/Base Coat
BB#40 Thinner

You can check them out on our website at Ages of Sail: Billing Boats Paints