Re-Introducing Billing Boats Nordlandsbaaden – Now 10% Off through July 31, 2022

We just posted an article on a Nordlandsbaaden build (click here), and in doing so, we realized that this is an interesting and unusual type of sailboat, and we have quite a few of these kits in stock. So, we thought we’d reintroduce this big, 1/20-scale BillingBoats kit, with 10% off the kit from now through the end of the month (July 2022).

Again, this is a big kit. At 1/20 scale, the completed model measures about 28″ long and 28″ high. The beautiful lines of this wooden model kit will make this a perfect display piece for an office or den.

Special re-introduction sale pricing ends July 31, 2022!

View additional information, photos, and specifications at Ages of Sail here.

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