Beautiful Nordlands Boat – Completed Build by Paul Le Wol

A little over a month ago, we posted this story about an amazing build of the Billing Boats Nordlandsbaaden kit by ship modeler Paul De Wol. As you may recall from that post,  the Nordlandsbaaden, or Nordlands Boat, is a type of boat from northern Norway, whose design and use as a fishing boat dates back to the 1600s, but has the traditional appearance of early Viking longships. If you haven’t read it, you can find the post here.

The model was “in progress” at the time we wrote that last post about the model, but it is now officially complete. In addition to these awesome photos we included here, Paul posted a lot more photos of the completed model in the gallery of the online forum Model Ship World. For a direct link to the photo album of his Nordland Boat, click here.

As a reminder, Paul made a lot of special modifications to really beautify this kit. If you read through his build log, he shows just how someone takes a nice kit and turns it into an incredible model. Paul gave us permission to use the photos of his model, so that we can share them with you, but as before, we recommend that you check out his full build log, as it’s not only interesting to see all the work he’s been putting into the model, but it also provides some great ideas and inspiration for anyone who’s intrested in building this kit or one like it.

This model is too beautiful to not post more photos of and we couldn’t help ourselves. Here are just a few more. Keep in mind that Paul made a lot of modifications, including using his own wood supply, in order to get his build to look this nice.

For those of you who might be interested in building this model, just visit the listing on our online shop here. Note that this is an “Experienced” level kit, which Billing Boats says should be attempted only by those with a couple models under their belts.

Special thanks again to Mr. Paul Le Wol for sharing his photos with us! Ω

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