Presentation on Building Wooden Models from Paper Kits

We can’t quite figure out where we learned about this video, possibly from a post on, but there’s a very interesting presentation that was given by ship modeler Ian McLaughlan at a meeting of the Society of Model Shipwrights, which take place mainly at locations in Southern England. This particular presentation was given in February 2021 and discusses how this ship modeler used 1/96-scale paper model kits from the Polish paper kit maker Shipyard to make a pair of wooden ship models.

Many ship modelers, learning of these paper kits, consider ways to use them to build wooden models. While we think paper models can be pretty awesome in their own right, this is one ship modeler who managed to do some interesting work using a couple of these relatively inexpensive paper model kits.

The kits the presenter is talking about are the HMS Wolf and HMS Alert paper model kits.

If you’re interested in learning more about them, you can use the following links to take you to the item listings in our online shop:

HMS Alert – 1/96 scale paper model

HMS Wolf – 1/96 scale paper model

Have you ever built a wooden ship model using a paper kit as a starting point? We’d love to hear about it. Emailing us a Ω



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