Billing Boats Shipment Just In

For all you fans of kits from Denmark, we just got a big shipment of kits and fittings from Billing Boats. Back in stock are the Dragen and the St. Roch, as well as some fittings we were out of.

St. Roch, Billing Boats kit BB605

St. Roch was building for Arctic service and was the first ship to traverse the Arctic Passage from the Pacific to the Atlantic. She later became the first ship to traverse the Passage in both directions.

This Billing Boats kit is from their 600-series, which is designed to be easy to build, with a hull that is made in two halves. Each half is easily constructed and the two halves are merged together form the completed hull.

You can read more about the kit on our website:


Dragen Sailboat – Billing Boats kit BB582

The Dragen is a Swedish sailing boat and Billing Boats makes this lovely kit in 1/12 scale. The 29″ long model is just over 39″ high, making for a beautifully big display model. This plank-on-bulkhead kit is designed for Experience ship modelers only. You should not attempt the build unless you’ve built a few wooden model kits.

You can find the kit on our website at:


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