Shipyard Sail and Masting Accessories – Now at Ages of Sail

If you’re familiar with Shipyard products, you probably recognize the fact that their line of Paper Model ship kits only contain the paper parts necessary to build the model. They kits give you drawings for proper dimensions of the masts and spars and patterns for the sails, but don’t include material needed to build them.

These materials are easily obtainable at fabric stores and hardware stores. But shipyard also produces separate accessory sets so that you don’t have to make the sails or hunt down the proper size dowels and such.

Now, Ages of Sail has made these accessory sets available, and you can find them on our online store: Shipyard Sail and Masting Accessories

These sets are available only for the 1/96-scale Paper Model ship kits. They are the equivalent of what Shipyard already includes in their boxed 1/72-scale Laser Cardboard series kits, but of course, at a different scale.

Sail Sets

The sail sets include all the necessary sails for your paper model. The sails are laser cut, with details laser etched onto the fabric. All you need to do is add the bolt ropes, which are included in the sets, and mount them onto your model. For some models, an optional studding sail set is also available.

Masting Sets

The masting sets not only include all the dowels you will need to complete your ship model project, but also include laser-cut card stock parts for the cross-trees, mast tops, and yardarm details to replace or supplement the printed parts in your paper model kit. These will save you lots of time, as the parts are all pre-cut and ready to use.

See our growing selection of Shipyard products at Ages of Sail!

One thought on “Shipyard Sail and Masting Accessories – Now at Ages of Sail

  1. Reblogged this on The Ship Modeler and commented:
    For those ship modelers who are interested in paper models, Ages of Sail now carries the sail sets and masting sets produced by Shipyard.

    I used the sail set for my HMS Alert build and it worked out really well. The color of the cloth is that of natural linen, and the sail sets are laser-cut, so there’s no concern about fraying edges. The details are all lightly laser-etched into the cloth, and at 1/96-scale, drawn or printed sails are probably more scale accurate than sewn sails.

    I didn’t use the included line for the bolt ropes as I wanted to match the rigging on my model, which was mostly Morope brand line.

    I found the sail cloth pretty stiff, which worked out fine for my model. I don’t know how they would work for furled sails, but I didn’t try washing them to see if they’ll soften up. It would be interesting to find out.

    Anyway, it’s nice to know that you can now buy these in the U.S. instead of having to navigate Polish websites and have them ship overseas.


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