Building a Beginning Billing Boats Kit, Dana Fishing Boat – FINAL

Ship modeler Clare Hess has posted his final entry on building the Danish fishing boat Dana. The Dana is an entry level kit that is one of our least expensive kits. It features an ABS plastic hull and sub-deck, with wooden planks for the deck and wooden parts for the deck house roofs and companion ways, masts and spars. Included fittings are brass and plastic.

If you’re interest in building this kit yourself, you can find it on our online shop here:—billing-boats-bb200.html

Check out the full build log here:

Ship Modeler

The next sails to go on the model are the staysail and jib, the two triangular sails at the bow. To each, a length of line is attached at the top and bottom ends. At the top end, or head, is the halliard, while the line at the bottom corner, or tack, is the outhaul.

With these lines run through their respective blocks and temporarily secured using painter’s tape, the sail can then be secured to the stays, the fixed lines that support the mast from the bowsprit. I used a needle to help thread the line through the leading edge of the sail, then I tied a knot around the stay, securing the knot with a dab of Aleene’s Tacky Glue. When dried, the excess line can be trimmed away. Just be careful not to accidentally cut the stay itself.

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