St. Gabriel Model by Alexander Bulimov

Just yesterday, we posted an article, taking a closer look at the Master Korabel kit of the ship St. Gabriel. Well, we found this wonderful build on the NRG’s Model Ship World forum, and got permission from the builder to share some photos here with you. For background on the ship and the explorer Vitus Bering, please see our earlier posting here.

This particular model of Master Korabel’s 1/72-scale kit was built by Mr. Alexander Bulimov, who is an IT engineer, living and working in Dublin, Ireland. He built this model in 2019, and it took him only 4 months to complete. What’s really amazing is that this is only the second wooden ship kit that Alexander has built, the first being a ship’s launch kit from the same manufacturer.



This kit, as we described before, is a product of modern wooden model kit design, and is engineered to produce an extremely sturdy hull framing that won’t bend or twist while your trying to plank it. Veteran ship modelers know how important it is to assure your model’s hull is straight and free of twists. It seems that Master Korabel has that covered for you.



As you can see in this and the following photos, Alexander has done an amazing job. While his excellent modeling skills are clear, he attributes some of the ease of building this model to the fact that the planks are all pre-cut to precise shape for you. As a result, you can make a perfect planking job like he’s done with this model.



Of course, you still need to be very careful to lay the planks down properly, but Alexander says that this feature makes this kit good for beginning ship modelers. 

Here’s a small sampling of the progress photos posted on Alexander’s website. To view more photos of this beautiful model, you should check out his website. We’ll include a link at the end of this post.




This ship’s launch (75mm) is not included in the kit, you have to get that separately. Since it’s so inexpensive, you might consider building it first, since that will give you a good introduction into Master Korabel kits, and prepare you for building your own St. Gabriel model. We’re not sure, but it looks like this may be how this builder got hooked on wooden ship modeling.


One other thing that’s not exactly clear is whether Alexander made his own sails. The kit includes sail cloth and patterns for you to make your own sails. But, you can always purchase a beautiful set of pre-sewn sails instead. So, if you don’t have a sewing machine or your sewing skills aren’t what they should be, no need to worry. 


There are many more photos in Alexandar’s build log, and his site contains notes about his other model projects as well. You should really check it out.

Alexandar Bulimov’s website is at:

A direct link to his St. Gabriel build log can be found here:

Note that the photos shown on our website are posted with the permission of the builder.


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