Building Shipyard’s Dutch Fluit Schwarzer Rabe, 1627 – Part 3

Here’s a nice reminder that some of the most interesting sailing ship model kits aren’t made from wood. Here’s a build of one of the paper model kits from the Polish kit maker Shipyard.

In this case, one of the lesser known kits is shown here, a Dutch armed merchant ship called a “fluit” that was built in 1627. This ship, called the Schwarzer Rabe, which is German for “Black Crow”, took part in the naval engagement called the Battle of Oliwa, on the side of the Polish-Lithuanian fleet.

The kit is a 1/96-scale paper model. If you’re interested in building this kit, you might consider Shipyard’s 30th Anniversary set of the Opponents of the Battle of Oliwa, which includes the Schwarzer Rabe and the Papegojan, which fought on the Swedish side. Check out this set here:–the-opponents–shipyard-mkj004.html.

Ship Modeler

As you may have noticed, I’ve now officially elevated this build of Shipyard’s 1/96-scale paper model kit of the Dutch fluit Schwarzer Rabe to a full fledged project, with its own place in my Ship Model Build Logs menu.

It seems that after completing the 1/72-scale Hanse Kogge Bremen laser-cut paper model, for which I did not maintain a build log here, I was itching to keep up with the paper models. I wasn’t really sure if I had been doing a good enough job with my Dutch fluit Schwarzer Rabe, but I thought I should give it a chance. So, I continued the build this weekend, adding more details to the hull, and starting a blog on, which I will basically echo here, or vice versa.

As we last left this build…

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