Building A Master Korabel Ship’s Boat Kit – Part 2

Part 2 of the building of Master Korabel’s 95mm ships boat kit was just posted. Clearly a challenging, but very accurately designed and well engineered kit. We currently have 3 of these MK0101 kits in stock, but we have 9 of the MK0103 68mm long yawl kits available.

While make by Master Korabel for use with their ship model kits, they should work very well for any ship model that needs a couple boats on board. The scale is specifically 1/72, but should work well for models between 1/70 and 1/80 scale or so.

Find them here:

Ship Modeler

Here’s the latest update on building Master Korable’s 90mm ship’s boat kit, and it looks like this build log is going to be a three-parter. Last time I left off, I had finished the framing and was about to start the hull planking. I’m happy to announce that I have completed the hull planking and about ready to finish the interior of the boat.

The hull planking went pretty well, but required some pretty careful work. The planks are very nicely pre-shaped, but they still have to be bent to fit the curve of the hull. It also takes a bit of care to glue the planks only to the ribs, and not to the framework of the temporary former.

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