New Kit: French Frigate Hermione by Disar Model

Disar Models recently released a very promising looking new kit of the Hermione, a 32-gun Concord-class French Navy frigate. Built in 1779, she was designed for speed and it is said that she was one of the first French Navy ships to be copper sheathed. The ship is most well known for carrying the Marquis de Lafayette to the newly declared United States, where he served as a Major General commanding American troops in the American Revolution under Washington.



The new kit from Disar Model is a big 1/72 scale kit, making it about 6″ longer than the Atesania Latina kit. So, fans of big models should appreciate this one.

Length: 36.6″ (930mm)
Height: 28.3″ (720mm)
Beam: 12.6″ (320mm)

The kit includes turned brass cannon, laser-cut frames, many laser-cut parts, pre-sewn sails, and an 84-page, full-color instruction booklet, and more.

One of the things that set this kit apart from others is that Disar Model gives you a full open gun deck, with 28 full cannons on full carriages. There are no dummy cannons on this ship model, and the full gun deck gives you plenty of room to customize and detail your model as you like.

Watch for this kit to show up VERY SOON AVAILABLE NOW at Ages of Sail!  Ω

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