Building Shipyard’s Dutch Fluit Schwarzer Rabe, 1627 – Part 5

This paper model build is moving right along with the addition of the the thick hull planks and more. Note that at Ages of Sail we have basic kit in stock, but due to an oversight, we don’t yet carry the masting or sail sets, though we do have the blocks set.

Here’s the listing for the Schwarzer Rabe kit:

Or, if you’re looking for something similar for which we do have the masting set, blocks set, and sails, you might consider another ship from the Battle of Oliwa, the Swedish ship Papegojan. Check that out here:

And, if you like these ships, but might prefer a kit where all the parts are already cut for you, and where the scale is a bit larger, maybe take a look at this Papegojan kit:

Ship Modeler

For me, it seems that there is a danger in working on paper models. I find these things to be so engrossing that I have a hard time taking a break to do other things. I’ve been working on the Schwarzer Rabe pretty steadily for a couple weeks now. Almost a week ago, I had made a comment on that I was probably posting my last update for a while, as I get back to working on some other projects. But, I never stopped this one. Here it is, a week later, and I’m still trying to make myself shift gears and get some other needed work done. We’ll see if that happens after this post.

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