Disar Shipment in – Marieville back in stock

Good news for lovers of paddlewheet riverboat lovers. We just received a big shipment from Disar Model, so the Disar Marieville kits are back in stock. This popular kit is a 1/72 scale replica of the classic American riverboat. It measures about 26″ long and just under 10-1/2″ tall. All wood and metal construction.

In addition to these, we’ve replenished our stocks of other popular Disar kits, including Disar’s 1/72-scale model of the frigate Hermione, the ship that carried the Marquis de Lafayette to U.S. to aid in the fight for independence.

And the popular 1/72-scale model of the Spanish galleon Santiago de Compostela, which may be one of their best looking ship model kits.

Whatever your interest, you might want to check out the range of Disar kits at Ages of Sail here: https://www.agesofsail.com/ecommerce/disar-model/ship-kits.html?p=2.

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