Wowed by Shipyard’s Laser-Cut Card Models

We’re following this build of Shipyard’s 1/72-scale Laser Cut Kit of the British snow-rigged sloop-of-war HMS Wolf. Here’s a rather enthusiastic update and commentary on this and other kits from Shipyard’s line of Laser Cut Kits.

These are the kits that come with nearly all the paper parts laser-cut, that include turned brass cannon and swivel gun barrels, cast resin figurehead, pre-cut and marked sails, wooden dowels for the masts and yards, and even paints and paint brushes.

You can find them all here:

Ship Modeler

At this point in my build of Shipyard’s 1/72-scale laser-cut card model of the 10-gun snow-rigged sloop of war HMS Wolf, I’m behind on keeping my build log up to date. But, I can’t let that get in the way here. Here’s the thing, I am so in awe of how incredible this kit is, that I have to state, categorically, that I’m absolutely building not only the Papegojan kit I have, but the HMS Alert kit, and the Le Coureur kit, and that I’m absolutely going to find the money to buy and build the HMS Mercury kit.

Shipyard’s 1/72-scale HMS Mercury, laser-cut kit.

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