Building HMS Wolf – Shipyard’s 1/72 Scale Laser-Cut Card Kit – Part 7

Don’t know how we missed this one. Here’s part 7 of the HMS Wolf build that we’ve been following closely.

HMS Wolf is a 1/72 scale laser-cut card model kit from the Polish paper model kit manufacturer Shipyard. This is a very detailed kit, like all of Shipyard’s laser-cut kits we sell. The kit has just about all the parts pre-cut, unlike with wooden kits, even the hull planks.

Those who are interested in this build, but want to make something a little simpler should consider the popular 1/72 scale HMS Alert kit.

Probably of similar complexity, there is the schooner Berbice or the Santa Maria. There’s also the Dutch pinnace Papegojan, thought it may be slightly more complex than the Wolf.

And, for those that want the ultimate in detail and complexity, there is the British Royal Navy frigate HMS Mercury.

Find them all here:

Ship Modeler

As I mentioned before, apparent progress on the HMS Wolf model has slowed significantly, due to the fact that everything I’m doing now is essentially off the model. I’m now working on various sub-assemblies, and some of these I’m starting to do out of order.

The next parts that actually need to go on the ship are the sweep port covers and the four deck hatches. I painted and then assembled the sweep port cover, which simply requires adding some very thin black paper parts for the hinges. This was rather slow going, as the hinges are very tiny and very delicate. One has to be extremely careful not to lose parts, as there are no spares provided in the kit. I apply Aleene’s Tacky Glue to the sweep port cover with a thin brush, then use the tip of the brush to grab the hinge and to set it…

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