A Local OcCre Endurance Build

One of our local customers, veteran ship modeler Paul Reck, who heads up the Hyde Street pier Model Shipwrights group in San Francisco, is working on a commissioned build of Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton’s exploration ship Endurance. The model is being built from OcCre’s 1/70-scale wooden kit, and Paul was nice enough to provide some photos of the model, under construction in his workshop.

Paul, who usually builds models from scratch, commented that it’s a big model, and that it’s also a “great kit”.  He really likes the instructions, finding them very clear and easy to follow. He also found the wood in the kit to be of excellent quality.

Paul is a fast worker, as he has always has projects lined up. So, we expect we’ll be posting photos of his completed model before the end of the year. But, hopefully, we can get some more in-progress photos from him before he gets to the rigging.

He plans on painting his model, like the actual ship. So, it won’t be long before the hull has a good coat of black paint. Paul is a big fan of Krylon spray paints, but he’ll often use whatever is handy.

For those of you who might be interested in tackling this kit yourselves, it’s a popular kit, but we’ve managed to keep it in stock at Ages of Sail.

OcCre Endurance

OcCre Endurance kit contents

One of the great things about this and most all of the OcCre kits available, is that you can download the instructions in advance, which will give you a very good idea of just what you’ll be getting in the kit. OcCre has also created a nice series of build videos on Youtube, to help guide you through the build process. These are not necessary for the build, but some people like to see the various steps in process.

Links to the videos and the instructions can be found, along with photos of the model and more detailed information in the kit listing on our web shop here: Endurance Ω


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