New Kits from Artesania Latina Now in Stock

Artesania Latina fans rejoice! This week, we just received our shipment of kits from Artesania Latina, which includes two newly revised kits that we think you’re going to really like. The company just relaunched a completely revamped version of their expert level kit, the first rate line of battle ship Santa Ana, as well as the ever popular, and long missed intermediate level kit of the newly revised American Baltimore clipper Harvey!

112-gun first rate warship Santa Ana.

The ever popular Baltimore clipper schooner Harvey

Both kits in stock and ready to ship!

Spanish Ship of the Line Santa Ana, 1784

The revised 1:84-scale wooden ship model kit of  the famous Spanish ship of the line Santa Ana is a must have for any modeler’s collection of faithful ship replicas. Now, the kit is back by popular demand. This kit is a faithful replica of this fundamental ship of the Battle of Trafalgar, and it is aimed expert level ship modelers.

The modeler will be able to find in this new limited edition of the kit high quality parts, such as solid wood and basswood plywood cut by precision laser, brass photo-etched sheet with details such as lanterns, railings or details of the cannons, sails with cotton fabric, ready to be placed, cotton threads and, as a gift so that the model is perfectly exposed, like the artwork that it is, a wooden exhibition base with nominative metal plate.

Included in the kit is a DVD for computer (Windows and Mac) with completely redesigned instructions: clear, step-by-step photographs, as well as demonstrative videos with some of the more important steps. Printed instructions are not included, but, you can always download them for free on our website.

With this model of the Santa Ana, you can represent the appearance and artillery of the Santa Ana correctly in the battle of Trafalgar. The crowned rampant lion figurehead is a new design. The new artillery, correct in scale, and now much more detailed, including photo-etched parts, has the howitzers that the ship carried in Trafalgar. The previous metal boats have been replaced by wooden construction, more realistic.

Once assembled, the model of the Santa Ana (22905-N) measures 46.45” (1180 mm) length, 34.25” (870 mm) height and 18.11” (460 mm) width. Its design by means of false keel and frames brings its assembly closer to that of the real ship.

Find it here on Ages of Sail: Artesania Latina’s Santa Ana

The True, One and Only Harvey Kit

The wooden ship model kit of the American schooner Harvey has been missing was a popular kit, but has been missing for many years. Now, Artesania Latina brings back their original kit design, but in a newly revised 1:60-scale version, with many changes that make this a more accurate kit than ever before, specifically designed for the intermediate level builder.

Those who remember the old Harvey kit might recall that the kit was very large, making it hard to display for many ship modelers. This new, improved Harvey is a somewhat smaller scale, with an overall length, a more manageable 27″.

As with the new Santa Ana kit, the modeler will find this new limited edition kit features high quality parts such as precision laser-cut basswood plywood, brass and diecast photo-etched sheet with decorative pieces, sails with cotton fabric, ready to be placed, cotton threads and, a wooden exhibition base with metal name plate prepared for LED lighting (for sale separately). With fine details on the deck and 8 cannons.

Again, a DVD for computer (Windows and Mac) is included with completely redesigned instructions: clarifying step-by-step photos. Printed instructions are not included, but can always be downloaded from our website.

The assembled model of the Harvey (22416) measures 26.77” (680mm) length, 19.29” (490mm) height and 9.84” (250mm) width.

Find it here on Ages of Sail: Artesania Latina’s Harvey

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