Building HMS Wolf – Shipyard’s 1/72 Scale Laser-Cut Card Kit – Part 8

Progress continues on this beautiful 1/72-scale model of the 10-gun brig-rigged “snow” HMS Wolf, built from Shipyard’s laser-cut card model kit.

Seeing the cannons coming together is always a fun part of any ship model kit. And, like with any ship model kit, there is some work that must be done with fine wire, but the results look pretty awesome here.

This post also shows one way to make eye bolts from wire, but it is not the only way.

Do you have a favorite method to share?

Ship Modeler

After taking something of a pause on this project while deciding on the color scheme on deck, I did manage to do a bit of work on some various sub-assemblies. But, as far as the color scheme goes, I’ve decided on red gun carriages and wheels, as well as red hatch coamings. The kit instructions call for just about everything else on deck to be painted red, including the ship’s wheel, but I’ll make a final decision on that and on the binnacle when I get to their construction.

Riding bitts and hatches temporarily fit into place, but showing my final paint scheme.

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