Newly Revised Sanson Tugboat from Artesania Latina Now Available

Spanish wooden ship model kit company Artesania Latina has long produced a kit of the tugboat Sanson. While the kit disappeared for a while, it is back and it looks better than ever.

Completely redesigned with a new approach to wooden model kit instructions, the new Sanson kit is considered an Intermediate model kit that can be built by beginners, due to a very detailed set of video instructions that make this kit truly unique.

Here, Artesania Latina has done away with printed instructions. They actually did this in previously released kits, which included photo-based instructions available on an included DVD and which could also be downloaded from the Internet. But, with the Sanson, they have included only a large 1:1 photo of the completed model, as all instructions are done in a series of these detailed Youtube videos.

While this type of instructions may take some getting used to for long time builders, it is ideal for for introducing the newer generations of model builders into the world of wooden ship model building.

But, beyond the instructions, this is a wonderful 1:50 scale wooden kit that will make a beautiful, large, display model, or can be built for Radio Control operation. What’s more, you can add some night life to your model with the optional LED Lighting Set for Scale Models, available separately.


The Sanson Tugboat kit is available now for $199.99 at Ages of Sail. Check it out, along with more photos and details here:


One thought on “Newly Revised Sanson Tugboat from Artesania Latina Now Available

  1. Reblogged this on Ship Modeler and commented:
    For some time now, Artesania Latina has stopped including printed instructions in their kits, opting for digital format, which allowed them to create some very detailed photo-based instructions that were included on DVD and could be downloaded from their website. But, their newly redesigned Sanson tugboat kit represents yet another twist. No longer are their digital photo books. Now, the instructions are purely in the form of detailed instructional videos.

    Is this the “Wave of the Future” or simply an experiment? Only time will tell. Certainly,many long-time ship modelers will hate this change, and there are many issues with this approach. For one think, it is very linear, so if you like to jump ahead and do sub-assemblies, good luck scrolling through the video to find it. Plus, you have to keep close track of where you last watched, lest you miss something.

    Also, many of us do not watch videos on tiny smartphone screens, preferring to use a large screen computer instead, and many are not likely to keep such a computer in our workshops.

    But, there are generations of potential builders who are probably quite accustomed to following videos and may have access to them while working on their models. So, I see this as somewhat of an experiment. It may not work out well for everyone, but it may be worth a shot, given how limited many kit instructions are.

    In any case, this looks like a very nice model kit and it will be interesting to see how people handle the new instruction format.


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