New Franklin Expedition Ship – HMS Erebus from OcCre

First, there was HMS Terror, one of two ships of the Franklin expedition, that disappeared in the Arctic during a search in 1845 for the Northwest Passage. OcCre introduced that kit back in 2018. OcCre’s newest release is the other ship of that ill-fated expedition, HMS Erebus.

Of the two ships, Erebus was the lead ship, under the command of Sir John Franklin himself, but the two ships were very similar. Both ships were converted bomb vessels, received the same modifications for Arctic service, including the addition of steam propulsion, and both had similar deck layouts. Now, you can build a 1/75-scale reproduction of this most famous ship, or model the Franklin Expedition with OcCre’s 1/75-scale HMS Terror kit.

The kit includes laser-cut wooden parts for the hull framing and many structural details. Wooden strips for a double plank-on-bulkhead construction, wooden dowels for masts and spars, planking material for rather unusual deck planking arrangement, step-by-step illustrated instructions, fittings in wood, cast metal and brass, and a full set of pre-sewn sails.

Check out the new kit, now in stock, here:,-1-75).html



2 thoughts on “New Franklin Expedition Ship – HMS Erebus from OcCre

  1. Reblogged this on Ship Modeler and commented:
    Following up on their successful wooden model kit of the Arctic exploration ship HMS Terror, OcCre has recently released a new kit of the companion ship HMS Erebus. Both ships were originally bomb vessels, are very similar, having received the same modifications for Arctic service.

    Because of the similarity of the two ships, I’m not sure how successful a release of HMS Erebus will be. However, it was the lead ship of the Franklin Expedition that disappeared in 1845 while searching for the northwest passage.

    Probably the most interesting build of this ship would be as part of a matched set, along with HMS Terror. But, it probably didn’t require a lot of development work to create the new kit. So, the release makes sense.

    OcCre finished their example model in such a way that it looks different and interesting enough to set apart from their HMS Terror kit.


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