HMS Terror – New Kit from OcCre of Spain

We just received our first shipment of the newest kit coming out of the Spanish ship model kit maker OcCre, HMS Terror.

HMS Terror was a Royal Navy Arctic exploration ship which, together with HMS Erebus, set out in 1845 under the command of Sir John Franklin to find the Northwest Passage. This ships never returned, and for 168 years, nothing was known about the fate of the expedition. Then in 2016 the wreck of HMS Terror was finally discovered.

The Terror was the subject of a novel of the same name by author Dan Simmons and a currently running television series on AMC, with the first episode having aired in March 2018.

This authentically scaled model from OcCre is based on the work of the talented ship modeler Matthew Betts, who’s scratch built model of HMS Terror can be seen in detail on his blog site

But, you don’t have to delve into scratch building to make your own model of the Terror, as OcCre’s kit has all the parts and fittings to make a beautifully detailed replica of this famous ship.

OcCre’s HMS Terror is a 1/65-scale plank-on-bulkhead, wooden ship model kit that measures 26.6″ long and 19.8″ high when complete. Every detail has been accounted for, from the large number of shrouds used to support the masts, the protective reinforcement plating on the bow, the unique diagonal deck planking, and more. And, of course, there are the quality woods and fittings that go into every OcCre kit, plus their illustrated, step-by-step instruction booklet. All for only $149.

Our initial supply of this kit is limited, so hurry and get yours now! But, if you miss out, there’s no need to worry, we have more coming soon.

Still not sure? Check out these photos showing some of the details of this kit


Big Savings on New Golden Hind Deluxe Combo

We created a fully-equipped deluxe combo set based on the new Gold Hind kit from OcCre of Spain.

This is a very complete set that includes a wide selection of tools, paints, glues, and ship modeling book. This is a more than $370 value, specially prices to move at only $299 – Save over $70!

This pre-packaged set makes a perfect gift and includes all of the following:

  • OC12003 Golden Hind wooden ship model kit from OcCre
  • AM7205 Amati Electric Plank Bender
  • Ship Modeling Simplified book – The classic guide by Frank Mastini
  • PTK1015 15-piece Model Craft Tool Set
  • PFL6020 20mm sanding block
  • PPU8174G Pen Grip Pin Pusher w/pins
  • PSA35/050 Superfine Razor Saw
  • PKN4302/S Soft Grip Craft Knife no.1 size with blades
  • BSI101 1/2 oz. Thin Insta-Cure Super Glue
  • BSI106 1/2 oz. Gap Filling Insta-Cure Super Glue
  • 6 Jars of Historic Ships Acrylic Paints

Click Here to see the full listings and to purchase yours!

If you already have all the tools and the book, you can purchase the kit by itself, of course, for only $149 here at Ages of Sail.

Summer Shipments In

At Ages of Sail, we’ve been getting a lot of shipments coming in over the past week. Today, we just stocked up on Caldercraft kits.  Over the last couple weeks, we received a large shipment of kits from Occre and we’ve restocked our assortment of Amati fittings and tools. And, of course, we get regular shipments of Artesania Latina and Dumas products.

So, if you’ve been looking for something that’s been out of stock, or just want to see our huge assortment of products, check us out at Ages of Sail!

Occre’s Buccaneer Caribbean kit – A Quick Look


For some reason, pirates and pirate ships are very popular subjects these days. Who hasn’t enjoyed watching the swashbuckling adventures of the old days of Errol Flynn, or watched Treasure Island or even the more recent Pirates of the Caribbean films. There’s a reason that Disneyland has had the popular Pirates of the Caribbean ride for so many decades. People just like the old swashbuckling villains.

Ship modelers like them too, so a number of manufacturers have come through, providing us with a range of pirate ships to choose from, and Ages of Sail has them all:

Occre Corsair

Amati Pirate Ship Adventure

Amati Pirate Junk

Occre Buccaneer Caribbean

In addition, there are kits of ships that were often associated with pirates, in particular, the Barbary Pirates of the Mediterranean Sea. These aren’t specifically pirate ships, but could easily be displayed as one:

Amati Sciabecco

Occre Cazadore

But there’s nothing like a classic pirate ship flying the Jolly Roger, and the Buccaneer Caribbean from Occre of Spain is just that. At Ages of Sail, we have a supply of these kits and we’re going to give you a little peek into what makes up the kit.


Occre’s Buccaneer is a relatively new kit. It is a 1/100-scale representation of a 16th century pirate ship. The completed kit measures 22″ long and just under 18″ high, so it should fit nicely on your bookcase or mantle.

The kit comes in a fairly compact box, only about 9″ by 18″ by about 2-1/2″ thick. It is solidly packed which helps keep the parts from shifting around and getting damaged in shipping. Cardboard flaps inside the box also help keep things from shifting around.


When you take everything out of the box, it’s hard to figure our how they got everything in there in the first place.


Wood strips come in three bundles and there appears to be a good supply of planking material.The laser cut parts look very cleanly cut. The sheets with the bulkheads are a very nice quality plywood and parts are tightly organized on them, leaving very little waste. The wooden parts that will be visible on the model are laser cut from nice darker colored sheet wood.



The rigging material is supplied on 10 spools in beige and dark brown. There is also a coil of dark heavy line which looks like it’s probably anchor cable.


Something seen in a lot of kits these days is photo etched brass. This is a nice way to provide very precisely designed parts made of thin brass. Generally, unless the parts are meant to represent decorative details, the brass parts need to be painted or chemically blackened using a metal toner.


You may notice in the above photo that there is a kink in the frame that’s holding the brass parts. This is only because the brass sheet was folded over in order to fit in the box. Clearly, this was done with care so that none of the parts themselves were bent. I unfolded the sheet for the photo.

The kit contains a number of small parts that come in a handy compartmentalized plastic box that helps keep the parts separated and safe from getting lost.


As you can see, there is a nice selection of small parts including deadeyes, blocks, grating strips, a one-piece cast metal ship’s boat, stern lantern, mast caps, belaying pines, eye pins, rings, nails, cannons and carriages and more.

The kit also includes a full set of pre-sewn sails, which will save you a bit of work when it comes to rigging the model.


And what is a pirate ship without a pirate flag!


And when it comes to plans and instructions to help you build your model, Occre doesn’t skimp at all. In addition to a full-color booklet, there are also numerous sheets of plans showing the parts layout, rigging detail, belaying locations and more.



Overall, this is a nice kit and a very good value at only $149. It’ll provide many hours of enjoyment for the builder and will look good on display once it’s finished.

Check out this and other kits of the Occre line including Ships, Trams, Trains and Accessories at Ages of Sail.