New! Live Steam Products from Saito Manufacturing

We’ve just put up our newest line of products on our website, Live Steam kits from Saito Manufacturing of Japan. Ages of Sail signed an agreement to distribute Saito steam engines and RC boat kits in the US and we got our initial shipment in recently. We’re really excited about the new line and how beautifully made the steam engines are.

The RC boat kits are all designed especially for steam operation using their recommended engines and boilers and burners. We carry the Boiler and Burner combinations to make purchases a bit easier. The RC boat kits (except the T-1 Steam Boat) do not include the engines, so if you want to build them as static models, you can. You might also be able to adapt most to electric operation. But, we’re sure you’re going to want to try out the live steam operation.

One kit in particular, the T-1 Steam Boat, is designed to get you into steam operation right away as it DOES include the steam engine and boiler. All burners run on methanol. Optional accessories haven’t been listed on the website yet, but include pressure gauges, smoke tank and smoke oil, and optional drain tanks.

The RC boat kits feature fiberglass hulls, wooden structural parts, brass, aluminum and cast fittings as well as some plastic fittings for some items. Instruction in English

And YES, we have them in stock now! Check them out: Live Steam at Ages of Sail

Billing Boats Paints now at Ages of Sail

If you’re looking for paints for your next model project, we’ve added Billing Boats paints to our website.


These are oil based paints in 1/2 ounce (14.7ml) jars in authentic Billing Boat marine colors. Great for all hobby and craft projects. Shake well. Hand-brush with natural bristle brushes for best results. When brushing, thin sparingly with BB #40 Thinner/Cleaner or acetone. For airbrushing, thin up to 20% with BB #40 Thinner/Cleaner or acetone and shake well. Clean tool immediately after use. For painting on soft wood, use BB #39 Primer/Base Coat for more even gloss.


Available Colors:

BB#01 White
BB#02 Duck Egg Blue
BB#03 Emerald
BB#04 Orange
BB#05 Tan
BB#06 Hull Red
BB#07 Sea Blue
BB#08 Brunswick Green
BB#09 Bright Red
BB#10 Matte Lemon (Flat)
BB#11 Black
BB#12 Pale Grey
BB#13 Trainer Yellow
BB#14 Matte White (Flat)
BB#15 Silver
BB#16 Gold
BB#17 Clear Gloss Coat
BB#18 Mediterranean Blue
BB#19 Matte Aircraft Blue (Flat)
BB#20 Satin Brown
BB#21 Crimson
BB#22 Matte Black (Flat)
BB#23 Copper
BB#30 Dark Ad Gray
BB#32 Lime
BB#33 Matte Mid Green (Flat)
BB#35 Signal Red
BB#36 Mahogany Stain
BB#37 Navy Cool Gray
BB#38 Cobalt Blue
BB#39 Primer/Base Coat
BB#40 Thinner

You can check them out on our website at Ages of Sail: Billing Boats Paints

New Combo Sets Just Added

Though the holidays are past and we’re into a new year new, we’ve decided to keep our Holiday Combo Sets, and we’re keeping the pricing the same and we’ve even added two more!

We now have Combo Set #5 which features the Q-Ship “Hunter” by Amati. This neat schooner rigged ship is an example of the lengths that the Allies went to in order to stop the menacing German U-Boats. Q-Ships would look and operate like an unsuspecting merchant ship to lure the hungry U-Boats in close. They would then spring into action, unveiling hidden armament in an attempt to sink the U-Boat.


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This kit features a lot of etched brass parts and hidden armament under removable covers. A very unique model. You can buy the kit separately or as part of this combo set.

Order Combo Set #5

Order the Q-Ship “Hunter” Kit


The other set is Combo Set #6, featuring the cutter rigged ship Lady Nelson. This is a really nice kit from Amati that is part of their Victory Models line developed by master modeler Chris Watton. This is a 1/64-scale (3/16″ = 1′) model of a classic, 18th century, armed English cutter-rigged ship.

This 1/64-scale kit is a great for intermediate modelers and a nice challenging kit for beginners. The plank-on-bulkhead kit features high quality woods, laser cut wood parts and metal parts, including photoetched brass parts. Comprehensive plans and instructions and even a display base. The completed model measures about 21″ long and 20″ high. The kit is now available as part of a combo set that includes tools, glues and the classic ship modeling book Ship Modeling from Stem to Stern




 Already have all the basics to get started in ship modeling? The Lady Nelson is available separately too.


Order Combo Set #6

Order the Lady Nelson Kit

New Kit Just Arrived – OcCre’s English Galleon “Revenge”

We’ve been waiting for delivery of these new kits from OcCre of Spain. The Revenge comes in 1:85-Scale and measures just over 27″ long and about 22.4″ high. Plank-on-bulkhead kit includes English instructions, with step-by-step images of assembly, planking in sapelle, walnut and lime wood. Fittings come in cast metal, wood, and turned brass. Includes sewn sails set that just needs to be rigged.

Not getting what you want for Christmas? Get “Revenge” – Well, you know what we mean…


Revenge C revenge A Revenge B


Buy Your’s Now at Ages of Sail.

LED Lighting Kits for S/S Bohuslän Are In

Just got the word today that the LED lighting kits for the s/s Bohuslän just came in.

The s/s Bohuslän is one of the new kits from Nordic Class Boats. It’s a beautiful model of a Swedish coastal steamer built in 1913. The ship, like all the subjects in the Nordic Class Boats line, is still operating today. The model itself is a 1:45 scale model, probably close enough to 1:48 (1″=4′) to populate with O-gauge model railroad figures if you like. The model is just under 38″ long and is particularly unique in the availability of the LED kit.

s/s Bohuslän by Nordic Class boats.

s/s Bohuslän by Nordic Class boats.

Price and weight of the LED kit is yet to be determined, so it will take a couple days to get these posted on our site. If you need one, check back in a couple days and we should have them up.

In the meantime, the Bohuslän is available here: s/s Bohuslän. A detailed posting here of the kit content will be forthcoming.